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Sub-Contractor Management

Historically subcontractors have played a vital role in assisting companies source the skills they need in a flexible way. Utilizing subcontractors may mean certain issues arise and are likely to face problems with keeping the project on track and communicating effectively. Subcontractor management requires a rigorous focus on project management, coupled with effective processes to keep communications channels constantly open.

Signing a Contract

Subcontractor management ensures consistency in how a firm manages its subcontractors, which in turn mitigates the risk to the customer.

Consistency is achieved by defining, to the greatest extent reasonably practicable, a uniform framework of expectation for both all subcontracted and all project management personnel.

The subcontract management process involves:

  • Identifying the customer specific needs for a project.

  • Identifying and qualifying potential contractors.

  • Communicating customer policies to hired subcontractors.

  • Providing ongoing oversight of contracts.

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