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Electrical Engineering Services

Many modern products include electrical components to make them more useful and powerful. Our electrical engineering team designs reliable and sophisticated PCB's that enable components like LEDs, Wifi, Bluetooth, and NFC modules, sensors, HD displays, cameras, and more to work together seamlessly. We have successfully completed projects featuring battery technology, solar power, X-ray systems, virtual reality (VR) tech and more. Contact us to speak to an engineer and get a free estimate for your electronic development.

Electronic Circuit

PCB Design 

Our experienced team of electrical engineers Design, build and test your product or prototype’s electronics. We have a flexible team that can take you all the way from concept through manufacturing.

Embedded Firmware

Our experienced team of electronics and embedded systems engineers can add cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, RFID, GPS and other types of secure wireless control and connectivity to your product.

Globalization concept

Data Automation

Our team has experience capturing and processing many types of sensor data.

We also utilize existing software libraries to quickly build custom embedded software that you need to control electro-mechanical devices, interface with other products and communicate with the internet world.

Validation Testing

At REETECH, we help to develop high quality product by conducting comprehensive verification and validation testing for your electronics.

We help you develop your processes for production quality assurance including test fixture design, PCB verification and custom software debug.

Electrical engineer working on circuit board
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